Lease subject
* Individual, business household.
* Private enterprise, joint stock company, private limited company, state
   owned company, joint venture company and foreign invested company.
Lease area

Hochiminh City and other provinces in Vietnam.

Selection of equipment

You will select the equipment and negotiate the terms and conditions with the supplier of the equipment. VILC will buy the equipment of your choice

Lease term

Lease term means the period which you can use the lease equipment exclusively. Generally it ranges from 1 to 5 years.

Acquisition cost

The actual cost and other incidental expenses such as import duties, VAT, L/C opening charges, insurance premium, freight, transportation, storage charges etc… disbursed by VILC

Lease payment

Lease payments are determined based on acquisition cost, lease term and interest rate. Monthly lease payment is the most common. However, quarterly payments can be considered.


The lease equipment will be insured for the entire lease term.

On expiry of the lease term

At the expiration of lease term, the ownership title over the lease equipment will be transferred to you.