Direct Equipment Leasing
The best way to acquire the equipment
You, the Lessee, select the equipment you need from the vendor or supplier of your choice. You negotiate the price, warranty and service you need. Upon your application, VILC purchases the equipment from the vendor and leases the equipment to your company. At lease expiration, the ownership will be transferred to Lessee.
Sales & Lease Back
Turn just about any type of equipment into cash
When you require working capital for the operations, you can utilize our sales and lease back financing with your existing equipment. The greatest thing about it is that you can take your depreciating equipment, turn it into cash and write-off the payments while having full use of the equipment.
Vendor Leasing Program
Growing together with the Clients
VILC can be your great business partner. We can provide customized leasing programs specially tailored to your type of equipment and your customers' individual needs. We will work with your salespeople to make the lease documentation process quick, simple and hassle-free. Your company usually receives payment after the delivery of the equipment and acceptance is verified.
Other Customized Services
Tailored to suit business' individual needs.

Besides basic terms and conditions on lease financing, VILC provides other related services on customized basis to support your business