Medium & Long-term credit
Finance leasing is a medium and long-term credit for use of equipment instead of borrowing funds for purchase. VILC will buy the equipment of your specifications and provide you with the right of use for a lease term covering a significant portion of the depreciation period of the equipment
85% Financing of equipment cost

In addition to the purchase price VILC pays all the incidental cost related to the procurement of the lease equipment. No financial concern about acquiring the lease equipment.


As our appraisal and documentation process are simple, prompt and convenient, VILC ensures you quick turnaround. VILC supports imported formalities for equipment.

Easy Accounting

All expenses related to Finance Lease (Lease payments) will be considered reasonable and acceptable to tax authorities. This enables you to reflect all expenses into your production costs.

Financial Flexibility

Rather than having your capital tied up in one purchase, leasing allows you to utilize that capital elsewhere to generate higher profits. It also reduces your cash outflow.

Sales-Aid Device

Manufactures or Dealers of equipment can utilize leasing as one of your sales promotion tools. If prices or other factors discourage potential clients, through leasing you can achieve your sales.